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Hog Roast DerbyWhether it’s a highly stylish roast dinner for your wedding, a glorious buffet of the finest fresh meats and roasted accompaniments for your business event, or a good old British barbecue done in gourmet style for your summer parties, Hog Roast Derby has everything you could possibly need for your events in Derby, or anywhere else around Derbyshire.

As your event caterer, we guarantee a level of service and dining that will put truth to the label of “event dining” as we create special experiences for our customers through uniquely made roast dishes and stylish presentation and service. No matter the occasion, the size of the day, or your tastes, Hog Roast Derby brings the best of the best in British roast dining with our signature hog roast and our many other delicious tasting, stylishly prepared dishes. It’s perfect for a day out up the hills at a venue in the Peak District, in the Georgian halls of Chesterfield, or in the beautiful cathedral quarter of Derby. In fact, since our team operates all across the county of Derbyshire, it’s dining perfect for any of the locations below, and beyond!


Long Eaton


We know that Derbyshire is a county perfect for those that love to take a hike or put down the miles on lengthy nature trails, but all that walking is surely going to work up an appetite which is why our luxurious, comforting, and delicious roast dining is equally as perfect for the county and your events.

Hog Roast Derby – A Blend of Modern With Tradition

Hog Roast DerbyHog Roast Derby prides itself on including plenty of history in our dining, much like the county here preserves plenty of its rich and immense history and tradition too. Our namesake dish and signature roast, the hog roast, is what we use to celebrate tradition as this dish comes hurtling from the past to be a perfect modern marvel today, thanks to our mobile hog roasting machines.

The hog roast was once the treasure of many an event for centuries all around the world, and now with the aid and ingenuity of Hog Roast Derby, it’s here even for the modern event once again, though with plenty of the same traditional style and spectacle behind it as we continue to cook in the authentic spit style. It’s that blend of modern with tradition that attracts us so much to a county like Derbyshire, as we believe the best things can be found somewhere right in the middle – like our hog roast!

With plenty more options to enjoy in our dining, we are confident that no matter
where you are or what you like, Hog Roast Derby can find the dining you need for
your event. Just find your local team today, tell us about your event, and we’ll be
right with you the best of roast dining in all of Derbyshire and the UK!