About Hog Roast Derby

About UsWhen you need to choose a caterer, you need to know that you’re in professional, capable hands, and with people who care about the success of your event. With Hog Roast Derby, we do that and so much more, as we’re a team of dedicated hog roasters who go the extra mile to create tasty food from high-quality, local ingredients, while ensuring the highest level of service and paying attention to detail too.

Whatever kind of occasion you have in mind, we have a variety of culinary options available, and not just hog and spit-roasted meat, as we know that variety is key when planning an event. Whether you prefer a different kind of food to be served to you and your guests, or if any of your guests have dietary needs which means you need alternative dishes, you’re in great hands with Hog Roast Derby.

Hog Roast Derby Know It’s Your Party, Your Food, Your Choice

Here at Hog Roast Derby, we get many recommendations about
our hog and spit roasts but we’re also often commended on having such variety, and it’s something that our new customers are often surprised about. If you fancy a simple barbecue at home in your back garden, with our burgers that are 100% beef and chef’s own gourmet sausages, we can do that with or without cooking a hog or spit roast for you too.

If you’re after a wedding or corporate meal that includes a few courses, with various dishes of fish, veggie or meat, and with homemade starters and desserts, we can easily do that if you prefer. Hog Roast Derby has many years of experience of catering all kinds of parties, with either a handful of guests or several hundred, and in all types of locations. Plus if you need alternative options for guests on special diets, we have lots of options available.

The Best Hog Roasts In DerbyAbout Us

Hog Roast Derby is an excellent choice of caterers if you’re looking for variety, but if you need a speciality hog roast, we’re simply the perfect choice. Just imagine the best quality pig, sizzling in its own juices after cooking away for hours and hours, the skin crispy and made into salty crackling and the meat inside so moist and tender that the carving knife slips right through and that’s exactly what we produce for our customers, who return to us again and again.